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Arrival And Dismissal

Arrival Procedures:

All cars should enter the school driveway and proceed through the large loop (short loop is for busses only).  Students may exit their car anywhere along the sidewalk.  All students will enter the building through the main entrance doors.

Parents may park on the hill and walk students on the sidewalk to the main entrance doors.

Dismissal Procedures:
Our driveway is reserved for LIVE pick-up only.  We ask that parents remain in their cars until their child meets them on the sidewalk side only.  Children are not allowed to cross into the driveway to get into cars.

KINDERGARTEN Parents that will be picking up by car
You may enter the driveway in the inner left-hand lane and proceed to the K doorway.  The teachers will meet you with your children.
After 1:55
If you enter the driveway after 1:55 you must wait in the right hand lane and proceed forward with the rest of the cars.  The teacher will meet you with your children as you pull up to the K doors.

Students in grades 1 - 5:
Live Pick-up:
Please remain in the right hand lane as you enter the driveway.  Please proceed forward as the traffic moves.  Students in grades 1 & 2 will be directed by the teacher and principal when to get in your car on the curbside.  Students in grade 3-5 will be dismissed by there teachers at the other two doorways.  Students are reminded that they must be picked up curbside only.