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Mrs. Anne Wessel
North Beverly School Nurse

        Welcome to the North Beverly School Health Office page.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services/Community Mental Health from the State Univ. of New York at Buffalo, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Salem State University.

 My work experience includes assistant director ship of a group home for developmentally disabled children and adults, and a Pediatric Nurse at Beverly and Boston Children’s Hospital. I’ve been a telephone triage nurse at Garden City Pediatrics for 20 years and continue to work there on a part-time basis.

 I have been at North Beverly Elementary School since October of 2013. I find working with the children and their parents very rewarding.  I especially enjoy going into classrooms and teaching health topics to the children, and do so whenever I have the opportunity. I am constantly amazed at the dedication and hard work of the staff at this school and feel fortunate to be a part of the team.

 My door is always open and you can stop by my office, call me at 978-921-6130, x 226 or email me at  I’ll be adding new information to this page every other month, so please check back for updated health news and information.